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5 No-Brainer Methods to Attract More Customers to Your Ecommerce Shop

5 No-Brainer Methods to Attract More Customers to Your Ecommerce Shop

There are many strategies focused on social networks or emails that are undoubtedly very useful. In this article, we will share ecommerce strategies for converting visitors into customers in order to close the sale.

Develop your ecommerce business with strategies in pricing

Price anchoring is a pricing technique that takes advantage of customers’ natural inclination. This relies heavily on initial information when making future decisions. In the context of pricing, many companies will set a visible starting price for a product, but make sure to show that it is now selling at a discount.

Another way to anchor prices is to create a comparison between several versions of the same product, making the most expensive option the one that is having the highest cost-benefit.

Offer free shipping

The main reason people do not complete a purchase on an ecommerce site is that the shipping cost is expensive.

The reason this happens is that customers do not perceive any value in the shipment. Therefore, paying for it is apparently wasteful. For this reason, we suggest that you already include the cost of shipping within the price of your products. Also, you offer the option of free shipping whenever possible, we guarantee that this will increase your sales.

Create promotions and offer coupons

Using promotions and coupons is an excellent strategy to increase the sales of your ecommerce. There are different types of promotions that can be done, for example:

  • Make seasonal promotions of 2×1 or 3×2 in certain categories of your online store.
  • Offer a percentage discount when people add a certain number of products or a specific amount to their cart.
  • Offer discount coupons of a fixed amount or percentage of their purchase for current customers with the aim of increasing customer lifetime value.

Special dates

Special dates such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas with excellent opportunities to increase the sales of your ecommerce store. What we recommend to be able to implement it successfully is that you make an annual calendar where you define the dates and promotions that you will do throughout the year.

In this calendar, you must detail the date on which your promotion begins. Also, the date on which it ends, the offer you will make, and the means you will use to spread this information to your audience. This will also help you plan ahead for your inventory so you do not run out of stock and your customers can receive their products on time.

Offers personalized attention

It is a reality that the online market is very competitive. Therefore, offering personalized attention to your customers can make a difference when it comes to getting sales. This is because potential buyers want to know that they are more than just a number to you and that you are willing to take the time to answer their questions and address their concerns.

One way to offer this personalized attention is through live chat or by integrating WhatsApp into your online store.